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How many of you have been experiencing a difficult time mentally/emotionally the past two years? 

I was, at least the beginning of this year, I think was the hardest season for me with all the lockdowns, postpartum healing, shielding, covid rules, being away from family, family funerals, missing my sister’s wedding, and just not being able to hug or let my kids play outside and meet their grandparents in Mexico! O.o 


I consider myself a resilient person ^_^ But hey! hear me out, to be honest, I almost stopped believing that in the past years! I love to know what is going to happen and be prepared for anything. It was when this pandemic hit us! I was like.. wait a minute… where is my freedom now?… or my other needs? Everything was so uncertain, I was thinking SO much as our family had to shield, my husband working and I was with two little ones 24/7. You can imagine a little bit. Am I the only one who was experiencing situations like this? 


There was a moment when I had to stop watching and reading the news (it was so overwelming!) and I had to sit and have a serious conversation with myself. I was battling in my mind with fear, insecurities and I was lacking 70% of my peace. 

Maha, I said. — Looks like everything sounds and feels so scary, dangerous, uncertain… it may look like you don’t have control over your life (and plans) anymore… but you know what? The world can steal everything from you, but not your mindset.  (it felt like a slap on my face from myself haha!) — You got the power and control over your thoughts. You can win there to go through this season. — I prayed, I shared with my husband, with my family, I was intentionally accountable of my thoughts with my closest people, I also put on a lot of music, encouraged words, danced in the kitchen with the kids, and I don’t remember what I didn’t do.


You know? Our lives are attracted and led by our thoughts. If you look around, what do you see? 

A chair, art, architecture, nature?… Everything started in the mind with a thought. An idea, a dream, a vision, a lifestyle, a decision, etc. What have you done that didn’t start with a thought?. 

Isn’t this incredible? I genuinely had to think the best for my season (Intentionally). Not only for myself but my children and family because I also believe that whatever we are thinking in our mind plays a big part of our emotions and it has a big role in the home environment we are creating.


Now more than ever before we need to be so intentional with our mind and thoughts especially after what we have been going through in the world. Do it for your wellbeing, for your family, for your friends and your peace. This is why I wanted to share with you, how to win in your mind, for your present and in your future. Why? Life is lived in seasons and even when we might be in similar stages, it doesn’t mean we are experiencing things in the same way than others. We are all different and unique. The amazing thing is that we all have the same choices when it comes to our mind: 


Positive thoughts vs Negative thoughts. What are you thinking about most of your day? Negative or positive thoughts? Are those thoughts hurting you? making you feel anxious? afraid? …. are they stealing your peace? Or are they helping you and giving you courage? Also, do you like your thoughts? If your answer is no, then I want to help you.


Growing up, there were seasons where I battled in my mind with negative ways of thinking (about myself, relationships, future, and life decisions) Until I started to change those thoughts. I understand that my life was being limited by my thoughts making me feel worried and anxious for things that weren’t even real. We, humans, are so powerful you know? We can have the strength to “look normal” and carry on with our lives while living in cycles, addictions, running away and creating bad habits. So what about strength like that to change all the negativism? or strenght to choose and believe the good? 


With God’s help we can win in our mind. I love psychology and how science has developed things to understand human beings and behaviours but before this, I believe in the Bible. 

So from there I began to apply truth in my thoughts instead of lies and that helped me to have control of my mind, allowing God to transform my life. God tells us through the Bible “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he”. Proverbs 27:3. 

how to win the battle of your mindWe attract what we allow our minds to think. Once we believe what we think we start walking in those thoughts or putting them into practice. So believe me, if you want to win your mind and live with peace, you need to allow God to transform your mind and put this 5 keys into practice: 


1. Take time daily to think and recognize what you are feeling. 

Recognize emotions you are feeling and process them. Honesty with yourself and God is a priority. If we are not conscious and real with ourselves recognizing what type of emotions and the thoughts we are living with, then… how do you think we would start changing for the better? Your emotions are part of you and your life — your emotions are not you. 


2. Replace the lies for the Truth.

Set your sight and thoughts on the realities of God (the good things). The point is that you have to protect your mind. A tip to recognize what is a lie is if you are not thinking about whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable or anything excellent or praiseworthy, then it’s time to change that thought for something good. God ask us to meditase on this day and night. (Philipians 4:8)


Refuse to be the victim of your mind and the lies that you battle. We all need to be aware of the tendency to go to the negative. It takes practice. When we change our thoughts is when our life is transformed. Thinking good doesn’t mean you are a fake or immature person. You will become more powerful. Negative thoughts come but do not have to stay if we speak and believe the truth from God. I believe replacing lies and negative thoughts from your mind for the good is the starting of a successful and peaceful life, spirit, and body. 


3. Forgive.

Yes. Sometimes the thoughts you are battling are not even yours, you can make them your own if you believe them. Forgive your family, people or friends who said or did something to you. Sometimes you just need to forgive yourself as well and that’s ok. We cannot say “we are living in peace” while having a battle in our minds about the past or with negative thoughts. 


4. Expect the Good.

A frase I have loved from my husband since I met him is: HOW GOOD CAN IT GET? 

The world already tends to expect and talk about the worst, bad things or situations. What if you start to unlearn that way and train your mind to expect the good instead of the bad? 

You may be surprised. 


5. Be intentional. 

Winning the battle for your mind does not mean that you will never have negative thoughts or emotions. We all experience difficulties, there is a time for everything in life but we can refocus our thoughts on God, in truth to keep our lives in peace no matter what we are going through. When precious things have been lost we are going to feel sad, the point is not to avoid the emotions but allow ourselves to feel and process them. After a year of my husband being diagnosed with leukaemia there was a time I was allowing sad thoughts into my mind and I was feeling worried and scared until I recognized the thoughts that were making me feel that way. Yes we are still in a process of healing but that doesn’t mean we can not win in our mind and live with peace. 


When we imagine things that are not true, lovely, pure, believe me, that’s what you will bring to your life, those thoughts only rob us of joy and peace. When we focus on the promises that God made us, we can walk with peace. You can intentionally process your thoughts with someone you trust (family member, a friend, spiritual counselor or a therapist). We weren’t meant to walk by ourselves, we need God, people and tools for our journeys.  


Another intentional thing you can do is to place pictures, reminders or something that speaks truth about you, your family, job, relationships, etc. 


We all go through life and there are moments where we face situations and it is like a battle in our minds. 

You are not alone. You may feel like failing, weak, you can always get up. Make it simple for yourself, no one is perfect, we all learn. You can set your boundaries, protect your mind from negative voices, people, and environments. You really can win the battle of your mind!! It is in the daily decisions that will become habits and once you get this habit you will start seeing and feeling that peace and that change you were longing to live. Choose your step today and be the winner that you already are.



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