Welcome to my site!
A conscious journey towards a simple and peaceful living.

I’m Maharai but you can call me Maha. I was born in Mexico, living in the north of the UK with my husband Joshua aka Josh, and my two little ones, Judah and Brooke. We are lovers of life, family, people, good food, and doing all things creative. We particularly enjoy going on walks through the countryside, admiring nature, and taking photos.

I am an Image Consultant and PR by profession, an advocate of life, family, hope, holistic health, and social justice. Currently, I’m working full time, I am a stay home mom and intentionally creating the roots of our home, a simple, conscious, and peaceful living.

Through my blogs, I’m discovering for myself what it is truly like to live like this while raising our kids consciously.

So… know that I’m not here to display a perfect life in photos because I am far from perfect. Everything I do, including this pursuit of simple life is connected to my personal faith. 

My desire is just to be a good steward of what I have been given and that’s why I created this place to share and serve a community of kindred spirits.

Therefore I will share with you my experiences, knowledge as Image Consultant  and my journey through it all, in the hope it can help and inspire you to focus on what really matters in life.


What I want for you…

I want to help you and inspire your own path as a woman, mother or entrepreneur towards a more conscious, simple and peaceful life.  You will find blog posts focused on being conscious,  simple living,  and to design your own life intentionally and peacefully. I want to help to relive your own story and once you rediscovered it, to enjoy the pleasure of this alignment and share it!…

Let’s be friends!